The suspected ringleader behind the Paris attacks has been caught by the balls during a police raid with dogs.

The most wanted terrorist in the world has been caught in Brussels after his testicles were bitten off by terror police dogs.

Salah Abdeslam, 26, was on the run since November 2015 after he took part in the Paris massacres in which 130 people were brutally murdered. He has now suffered the worst penalty known to any man after police sent in the dogs to remove his manhood.


He had narrowly evaded his punishment on a number of occasions since the attacks, and is known to have been in a flat that was raded on Tuesday.

The Belgian Justice Minister has now confirmed his capture, arrest, and testicle removal.

Television footage showed masked, black-clad security forces guarding a street in the capital and reporters at the scene described white smoke rising from a rooftop and screams of pain from the building as the police dogs savaged the man’s balls.

terrorist police

The suspected jihadi is said to have suffered “flesh wounds”, but in reality it is much worse.

Brett McGurk, the U.S. envoy to the anti-Islamic State coalition, tweeted, ‘Congratulations to Belgium authorities on capture of ISIL terrorist Saleh Abdeslam. We will never forget his and all ISIL victims Nor will we forget the day that he was stripped of his manhood and laughed at.’

In Belgium, migration state secretary Theo Francken tweeted, ‘We have him by the balls.’

Two explosions have been heard in a Brussels neighbourhood where a Paris attacks fugitive was captured and police are now looking for another person to send their well trained dogs.