Mother Makes Creepy Looking Grinch Dolls That Look Like Real-Life Babies – They Cost Up To £5,000 Each!

Mother Makes Creepy Looking Grinch Dolls That Look Like Real-Life Babies – They Cost Up To £5,000 Each!

A hard working mother is pulling in a huge amount of money each year by selling Grinch, Vampire and Zombie dolls.

To add to the creepiness of the dolls, she makes them look like real-life babies, and just looking at the photos you can see how well crafted these dolls are.

Bean Shanine, 36, made a quirky, creepy, gift for her friend a few years ago and continued making the dolls from there.


She even makes special Christmas – themed Grinch babies…


Now you tell me that this isn’t freaky! They really do look like real-life babies!

The mum of four from Bellingham in Washington, USA earns up to £75,000 a year making and selling these dolls – she really has caught a tight market here.

So far she’s made nearly 600 dolls, each one takes her 20 hours to make!

Bean, founder of the Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery, said: “I make up to £73k a year from all the dolls I sell…”

“I do have to take off supplies from that but I have no complaints, I absolutely love what I do.”


“I’m doing really well from all of this. We bought a house, a pink SUV and we’re going on a family cruise to Hawaii all because I make dolls, which is pretty amazing.

“I make vampire babies, zombie babies, punk ones with really bright eyes, pixies, the Christmas Grinch, but never anything gory.

“Vampires are my best sellers, the painting on them is really realistic and if you put a binky in its mouth it would still look like a real baby.”

She added: “They’re not dead-looking at all, they are just very, very realistic, when I stare at them sometimes I swear they are going to look back at me.

“I’ve never made so many babies in as little time as I have this November and December. I’ve been easily working on five dolls a day and pulling all-nighters to get them finished.


“I had one last-minute order from a person who payed me £3,000 to guarantee the could get their doll in time for Christmas.

“During my Christmas rush alone, I’ve made over 25 and it’s been crazy. I still have eight in my studio that I’m working on right now.

“Most of my customers are parents, but at Christmas time I put out babies with lightly painted glowing eyes that are child-safe at Christmas and Grinches.

“I absolutely love The Grinch, it’s my absolute most favourite movie. WI first saw the baby Grinch in a high chair it was so cute that I knew I needed to make it.

“If I could just make Grinch dolls I would make a fortune, but I am pretty tired of them now as the green really hurts my eyes, especially after so many requests for them.”

She believes there is a popular niche market for these kinds of dolls, despite some people who are shocked by her ‘disturbing dolls’.

Bean said: “When I tell them this is what I do for a living they are so shocked, their jaws hang open and they ask me if I’m being serious.

“My aim is to go for a cute but creepy look, when I first made them people hated me for it and wondered as why I would do that to a child doll.


“I think my fantasy dolls are a lot less creepy than the regular reborn babies.

“People love them. I ship my dolls all over the world, I have a map showing everywhere baby has been sent too – the most popular places were the UK, America and Australia.”

The dolls actually start from £780, but her most expensive was sold to a gallery owner for £5,000.

She claims that people are actually willing to pay more for her unique designs…

Bean said: “When I started making these dolls there was no ‘fantasy reborn’ genre, I created it, which is really crazy now no matter what I do.

“People in the reborn community can tell my work instantly, they call them Bean Babies and recognise my signature details.

“I have extreme colouring and details, with all my zombie babies I have glowing eyes with black sludge coming from the mouth.”

“I’ve always wanted to make dolls and now somehow it’s my life, my daughter is getting involved too now by modelling with my creations.

“I make more money than my husband does, he works really long hours in minus 7-degree weather even when it’s snowy, whereas I’m able to stop inside and sell a doll for £2,500.

“The money is a plus, I do this all out of love for the art form, I do it because I’m a gifted artist and I like to spread sparkle into people’s lives.

“I was meant to create creepy dolls, it’s like it was my destiny.”

If you’re interested in her work check out her website:

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