38-year-old man from Oregon has been arrested after police found his parents bodies stashed in a freezer on their property.


Jeremy Rigquist was charged with the murder of both of his parents, Randy, 63 and Karen, 65.

According to police reports there was an argument between Jeremy and his father in relation to immigration. The fight became heated and Jeremy picked up a glock (gun) and shot his mother in the chest, and his dad in the arm.

Jeremy told police that his Dad had told him that he better “finish him off” causing him to shoot him in the head and the chest. After some time the bodies started to smell so he dragged them to the freezer for storage.

After a divorce and disability kept Jeremy from working he had returned to live with his parents. Their neighbours describe Karen as a sweet woman but her husband was a raging alcoholic and mentally and physically abusive. Her son eventually joined in on the abuse.

It was known by Karen’s cousin, Mark Cestaric, what was going on in her home and urged her to leave. She couldn’t leave due to financial reasons and no relatives living nearby. After he hadn’t heard from Karen in a while he asked the police to go round the house and check on here.

When the police showed up at the house there was a note on the door saying the family was on holiday. A few days later the police returned to find another note saying they were out due to an emergency.

“I told them, ‘Something is wrong. You guys need to check it out,’ but they said they walked around the [outside of the] house and they saw the note so they said there was nothing they could do.”

Finally, the Springfield Police office was called and they obtained a warrant to check the premises. Inside they discovered the bodies of Karen and Randy stuffed within a freezer in the home.

“Anytime you have a death, it’s terrible,” Springfield Police Sgt. Rich Charboneau told the paper. “We don’t have that many homicides here in this area, let alone Springfield, and so when you have two people whose bodies appear [that way], it’s sad.”