It’s To Do With Where You Live When Traffic Light Buttons Don’t Actually Do Anything

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It’s To Do With Where You Live When Traffic Light Buttons Don’t Actually Do Anything

At some point you will have been standing at a crossing and pressing the button like a madman/woman trying to force it to change quicker…but guess what? It doesn’t work, and it’s apparently all down to where you live.

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It could well be that the pedestrian button on the lights is a brazen lie!

In less busy, smaller towns, the traffic lights buttons are setup to work, but at busier junctions it’s very unlikely that they actually have any impact on the lights at all.

As an example the Mirror used the intersection between Regent Street and Cavendish Place, London, showing that the system is automatic and works on a 105-second interval and 110 seconds during rush hour.

pedestrian crossing

Even the head of traffic infrastructure doesn’t know for sure…

While some of the buttons do give the ability to control the green man, Ian Blackmore, Head of Traffic Infrastructure at TfL said that it’s difficult to say how many are completely automated and how many are operated by the button.

40% of the buttons in Manchester are believed to be ‘defunct’ especially during busy periods.

“This is made up of those pedestrian green men that are ‘walk-with-traffic’, and those set remotely on a timer from our central computer,” a Transport for Greater Manchester spokeswoman explained.

“The times vary depending on the junction but the maximum wait time is 60 seconds.”

Many people know about the light system already, some people think none of them work at all while others aren’t aware that many of them do absolutely nothing!

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