The kung fu cow video has been making the rounds for a few years now. It’s unbelievably funny!

As we came across it again for the first time in a while, and really wanted to share it. We’ve also thrown in some other funny cow kick videos.

You can see them all below.

Kung Fu Cow

Our first video is the kung fu cow video that inspired this article. It’s from a movie called Kung Pow: Enter the fist. You can find out more about the whole movie here:¬†

Source: YouTube

We love this video and hope that you do too. The things that some people create are just Bonkerz!

Cow Kicks A Woman In The Face

This cow kicks a woman in the face and we can’t believe she’s still conscious after it! What a hit! What a jaw!

Do you think you could have been on your feet after this?

Source: YouTube

Cow Kicks A Man In The Face

For such a short wind up, this is one hell of a kick. We’re not actually sure what’s going on in this video but it proves cows can make men fly.

Do you think you could have been on your feet after this?

Running Cow Kick

There is only ever going to be one winner if a cow decides to run and kick out at any man or woman; this guy had no chance.

Cow Dropkick

You don’t just see the best dropkicks in professional wrestling; this cow will put any wrestler to shame!

Not the best quality video you will ever see but the kick gets 10 out of 10 from us