Drivers should know not to leave the scene after a car crash without trying to contact the owner of the other vehicle…

But in cases like this one where the other car was parked, it’s polite and courteous to at least leave a note with your contact details so you can help rectify the issue and help with any damage.

Could it be that this particular driver didn’t have insurance, or just didn’t want to take the hit for the mistake they made? Either way, this one person was going to speed off after they crashed into a parked Jeep – but realised people were watching!


They left a note on the car, but they weren’t the least bit polite about it…


The note reads: “Sorry I hit your car there’s no scratches but someone was watching me.

“Your cars (sic) sh** anyway, shouldn’t of blocked me in. Learn how to park c***.”

Check out the two kisses at the end!

For good measure they added a couple of kisses at the end, perhaps they are trying to soften the blow they just made, but where are the contact details?

The photo of the note above was posted on Facebook by an amused passer-by in Sydney, Australia.

Nayte Howarth spotted the note at 5.15 pm on Sunday afternoon as he was walking to a train station.

He posted the photo on his social media page with the caption “OMG SYDNEY!!! Just saw this – I took this pic’”.