Clip Of ‘UFO Arriving To Earth Through Wormhole’ Goes Viral


Clip Of ‘UFO Arriving To Earth Through Wormhole’ Goes Viral

Strange footage has been released showing what appears to be a UFO arriving to Earth through a wormhole and it’s sparked off a huge debate.

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The footage was captured in Arizona, Texas, and appears to show a bright light being beamed out of the sky. The UFO soon disappears back into the ‘wormhole’.

The footage was posted on the YouTube channel secureteam10 and has had over 500,000 views.


The channel said: “It looks like a massive craft or capsule and finally moves up into the cloud and vanishes.”

Some YouTubers commented and agree that this could in fact be real-life proof of the existence of alien life, with one user saying: “That looks like a giant hand getting the light!”.

As with anything like this there are many skeptics, with the owner of a UFO hoax-busting website, Scott Brando, saying: “Yes, it is a fake CGI. There are previous sharing about the same video being fake.”

Another sceptical viewer added: “This is special effects man, come on.”

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