Wearing pyjamas out to lunch or shopping in Shanghai is acceptable and normal for Chinese people.

chinese pyjama time

In China you’re able to rent a person to date which is a bit similar to the usual escort service, however people pay in China for the entire date and not just sex.


rent a date in china

It wasn’t until 2014 that Chinese people were able to freely play video games. Between 2000 and 2014 games consoles were actually banned in China!

video games in china

“Urine Eggs” in China are a real, and kinda disturbing thing! The eggs are boiled in the urine of boys under the age of 10 because it apparently can help your blood circulation.

urine eggs

Around 35 Million Chinese people are still living in caves and their government has no plans to move them into proper homes.

chinese people living in caves

In China, you don’t have to sit in traffic jams, you can call a service that will send someone to pick you up on a motorbike and hire someone to sit in your car for you.

traffic jams in china

It’s any bet you didn’t know that Soccer originated in China during the Han Dynasty, around 206 A.D

chinese soccer

In China you’re not allowed children unless the government say it’s ok to do so. A married couple in China has to apply three months before or after a pregnancy.

children in china

In China, at work functions, employees are required to drink for as long as their boss wants them too.

drinking in china

Some Chinese police use Geese instead of Dogs because Geese are very aggressive animals, even more so than dogs!

police geese