10 Messed Up Back Stabbing Stories That Might Make You Feel A Little Better About Your Life

10 Messed Up Back Stabbing Stories That Might Make You Feel A Little Better About Your Life

Have you ever been stabbed in the back by a friend? Here’s 10 messed up backstabbing stories to make you feel just a little better…

These stories are taken from the person’s perspective…

#1 Lying About Cancer

When I was diagnosed with cancer at 15, one of my closest friends told all my other friends that I was lying about it for attention. I got no calls or visits in the hospital from any of them and nobody would respond to IMs or emails. It wasn’t until I came back to school with my Mum pushing my wheelchair that one of them passed me a note that said, “Erin said you were making it up,” that I realized that was why I was going through it alone.


#2 Pretending To Be That Guy

A friend pretended online that she was a guy I’d always liked. After a couple of nights of chatting he asked me out, and I called her to tell her the amazing news… only to have her laugh and say it was her.
I was totally crushed.

#3 Literal Back Stabbing

This one is a classic. “In sixth grade my best friend came up to me and literally stabbed me in the back with a pencil.”

#4 The Roommate

My roommate broke our lease and gave me a 1 week notice to move out because she ‘didn’t like having a dog.’ Next week on Snapchat her and her new roommates got a dog.”

#5 The Cheating Friend

Worst wedding. “My best friend told me at my wedding reception he was fucking my bride and had no plans to stop.”

#6 The Thief

I have two, my friend stole $50,000 from a business we started together and took off to Costa Rica. That or when my friend in Grade 8 stole my Super Mario Bros. 3 game and claimed his brother lost it. It’s a toss up.

#7 The Inherently Selfish

She came round from having her stomach pumped and got me to break in to her university room to retrieve the suicide note she’d written so her parents didn’t find it.Two weeks later, came and told me she couldn’t be friends with me because I was “inherently selfish”.

#8 Birthday Parties

They day of my birthday my “best friend” went to a party of a girl she didn’t even know because it was full of girls, I went to a restaurant alone because I didn’t want my fathers to worry. I was a bit crushed.

#9 The Cheating Friend – Again

I left for college with my first girlfriend at home, I asked my best friend of 6 years to take her to her homecoming for me. He took her virginity too.

#10 Another Cancer Backstabbing Story

I raised 11k for a friend who had 2 types of breast cancer, I raised this money in 4 hours, handed it all over to her and then she went round telling everyone I stole 5k from her. I still get hate mail now.

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