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Town Uses Bizarre Method Of Slowing Down Traffic With Fake Cop And Hairdryer

Residents in Moscice, Poland, are so fed up with speeding drivers going through their town they made a fake police officer armed with a hairdryer to cut out the speeding.

The residents dressed a papier-mache model of a cop in a high-visibility jacket, police-style cap and aviator glasses to try deter motorists from going too fast.

fake traffic cop

Locals say it had a magical effect on speed limit-busting motorists plaguing the area.

One local said: “Drivers fly through here at breakneck speed and then when they see him, they hit the brake pedal.”

Another added: “Very well. Let him stay here. He will make them slow down a bit.”

Regional police Chief Maria Pawlak said: “It was nice joke, but only for a moment.”

Speeding and reckless driving is a huge issue everywhere in the world; last month the shocking video below was released of a Porsche driver narrowly avoiding a head-on crash during a stupid overtake.

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