The Freeman Of The Land is a concept that’s been gaining a lot of backing over the past few years, what they claim does make sense when comparing common law vs statute law.


Even though the idea of sovereign and the freeman is actually stated in the common law in the USA and UK, and a few other countries, we are all tied into a contracted jurisdiction from birth with the country we live in. This basically means that once your parents sign your birth certificate they are actually turning you over the government statute and agreeing for you that you will abide by the common and civil law.

The biggest problem is most of these freemen are not legally trained and they attend court on hear-say. I am not claiming to be a law expert but I do study these things and I know that in one way they have a good point, they just go about it the wrong way!

In this video the guy attends a Civil court, or in other words an administration court, to discuss a civil case based on statute. He makes his claim about his legal PERSON being a corporation, which is correct, but the big issue is that this guy has already entered into a legal contract with whomever he is in court as the respondent for.

Once you have entered in a legal contract under statute, in any way be it written, verbal and implied then you’re bound by that statute, you have already given consent! The problem with people like this man is that he thinks he’s above all of this as a¬†free man on the land, but still claims all the benefits of living in a society under statute.

Don’t you think that if you want to be a freeman you should take all the hits that come with it? If you don’t want to live in the society under statute then that’s fine, but you can’t expect to use the public services that come with it.

One thing he does have a point with is that he is claiming his sovereignty and that he isn’t his legal fiction/person…but come on, when does this ever work unless you have really studied law properly and you haven’t already dropped yourself in the trouble?

Not paying debt is not a great thing to do, but if it’s dealt with properly then you won’t end up in court and having to claim a jurisdiction that doesn’t even exist in Civil courts.

What do you think?