This Christmas tree wasn’t what one mum had in mind when she bought it from Argos for her daughter’s first Christmas.

christmas tree from argos

Zoe McAllister, 22, Wantage, Oxfordshire, UK, paid £18 for the tree that didn’t exactly match the one Argos was advertising on the box.

You can imagine her frustration after unboxing this poor excuse for a Christmas tree and took to Facebook to vent her frustrations, saying: “Expectations vs reality!

“I actually laughed at this ‘tree’ for about 15 minutes. Looks like I’m off to buy a new tree at the weekend.”

Zoe McAllister

After she realised what she had just bought she wrote on the Argos Facebook page:

‘I purchased the tree on the left from one of your stores. As you can see from my picture on the right it looks NOTHING like the advertisement on the box.

‘I have a feeling half of my tree has been left in the factory? No amount of sprucing can fix this. Disappointed is an understatement.’

Zoe said: “The main reason I got the tree was because it’s my daughter’s first Christmas so I was kind of disappointed by it in that aspect but it was very funny to look at.”

Argos later advised her to return the tree and in a message to Zoe, a worker wrote: “Hi there, if you return the item to store with proof of purchase they will be happy to refund or exchange this for you.”