dancer shot dead

Man Guns Down Pregnant Dancer For Refusing To Dance With Him

A 22-year-old pregnant dancer was shot dead in Punjab’s Bathinda city after she refused to dance with the alleged shooter. The incident happened during a marriage function of a local commission agent’s son in Maur and was caught on camera by a guest filming the dance. Kulwinder Kaur was performing on stage for the wedding guests…

selling her virginity

Teenager Pledges To Sell Her Virginity For £850k To Help Her Parents – They Threaten To Disown Her

This is any parent’s worst nightmare! An 18-year-old teenage girl has pledged to sell her virginity online for £850k to help her parents financially. Alexandra Khefren’s parents say they don’t need the money and have threatened to disown their daughter if she goes through with her pledge to sell her virginity. The teenager who went on…

student bitch slapped

Two Students Were Teasing Their Teacher During Class, The Teacher Had Enough As He Did This!

High school kids are obnoxious, rude, disrespectful and downright mean most of the time and these couple of morons are no different.

In a classroom in France, two students were throwing paper balls and erasers at the teacher from the back of the room.

Then suddenly the teacher just had enough and did this…


man in china tries to rape student

Naked Teacher Caught Attempting To Rape A Student In Broad Daylight

Guangxi Province, China, is where these horrifying photos that show a naked high-school teacher trying to rape a female student on campus were taken. It was on March 28th, around noon, at Taiping High School in Lingshan County. Teachers immediately came to the girl’s rescue and freed her from the 30-year-old male teacher, surnamed Huo.…

Students Are Running Through A Gauntlet Of People Lobbing Bags At Them For A New Online Craze

It’s called The Back Pack Challenger and could be the stupidest, most dangerous online craze yet! Online challenges are a rage at the moment, especially amongst youngsters looking to get a name for themselves, with some being for a good cause and others just pure stupidity. The latest trend that’s caught on is The Back…

two men

Amazon’s New Commercial Shows How Different Religions Can Live In Peace – With Instant Video!

With all the wars between religions going on each and every day, and over the centuries, isn’t it about time everyone learned to accept each other’s beliefs and live in peace together as fellow Human beings? This new commercial from Amazon shows that it is possible to get along, everyone, no matter what they believe…