christmas tree from argos

Gutted Mum Orders The Crappest Christmas Tree You’ll Have Ever Seen – From Argos

This Christmas tree wasn’t what one mum had in mind when she bought it from Argos for her daughter’s first Christmas. Zoe McAllister, 22, Wantage, Oxfordshire, UK, paid £18 for the tree that didn’t exactly match the one Argos was advertising on the box. You can imagine her frustration after unboxing this poor excuse for…

Chained Up Kangaroo Beats The Shit Out Of Trainers On Live TV

If you consider the video of the man punching a Kangaroo, then you’ll kinda understand why Kangaroos and Humans don’t have a great relationship. Not to mention it being constantly chained up as a show piece for our entrainment. This video is from an American TV programme, the programme looks quite old but it clearly shows that…

funny facebook status

20 Funny Ideas For Facebook Statuses That Will Be Remembered Forever

Coming up with the next best Facebook status that your friends will remember forever is a very difficult task, so here are a few different Facebook status ideas for you to work through: [su_list icon=”icon: check”] My favourite mythical creature: An Honest Politician Who says nothing is impossible I’ve been doing nothing for years. Used…

goat on rampage

Runaway Goat Terrorises Neighbourhood And Is Denied Entry To Shop

A goat ran away and started terrorising a neighbourhood before being denied access to a shop and taking his rage out on onlooker called Billy. Near Eurospar store in Carrickfergus, County Antrim, the goat charged furiously towards an old age pensioner, Billy, then jumped on cars before eating all the plant pots during its half-hour…

car in river

Man Reverses His Car Into A River After Slamming On Accelerator Instead Of Breaks

There are so many funny accidents caught on camera on YouTube, but this guy has to be one of the funniest, and dumbest drivers so far. The man in the video below reversed his own car into a river after he slammed on the ACCELERATOR rather than the breaks. The episode started because he forgot…

student bitch slapped

Two Students Were Teasing Their Teacher During Class, The Teacher Had Enough As He Did This!

High school kids are obnoxious, rude, disrespectful and downright mean most of the time and these couple of morons are no different.

In a classroom in France, two students were throwing paper balls and erasers at the teacher from the back of the room.

Then suddenly the teacher just had enough and did this…