aggressive parking note

Driver Crashed Into A Parked Car And Then Left A Super Rude Note For The Owner

Drivers should know not to leave the scene after a car crash without trying to contact the owner of the other vehicle… But in cases like this one where the other car was parked, it’s polite and courteous to at least leave a note with your contact details so you can help rectify the issue…

car in river

Man Reverses His Car Into A River After Slamming On Accelerator Instead Of Breaks

There are so many funny accidents caught on camera on YouTube, but this guy has to be one of the funniest, and dumbest drivers so far. The man in the video below reversed his own car into a river after he slammed on the ACCELERATOR rather than the breaks. The episode started because he forgot…

student bitch slapped

Two Students Were Teasing Their Teacher During Class, The Teacher Had Enough As He Did This!

High school kids are obnoxious, rude, disrespectful and downright mean most of the time and these couple of morons are no different.

In a classroom in France, two students were throwing paper balls and erasers at the teacher from the back of the room.

Then suddenly the teacher just had enough and did this…


selfie stick fail

10 Images Show What Happens When You Misinterpret What A Selfie Stick Is For

When Rory’s mum suggested to him that he should buy a selfie-stick so he could take some photos while he’s on tour he did just that…but he hilariously seemed to misinterpret what she meant.

In all seriousness though, Rory is a comedian on Facebook, visit his page here.


drawing a penis

News Anchor Says ‘It was a cannon’ After Drawing Penis On Live TV Whilst Playing Computer Game

A news reporter faced an embarrassing moment when she accidentally drew a penis on live TV while she was playing a new computer game. She was playing a spot of Google’s Quick Draw to pit her artistic skills against the computer which then attempts to guess what you’ve drawn. [wp_ad_camp_2] The idea of the game…

newly weds in china in bed

Bizarre Wedding Guests Force Bride And Groom To Have Sex In Front Of Them

A shocking video from China shows a newly wed couple being forced to strip naked and have sex in front of the wedding guests. One of the guests isn’t satisfied with watching the couple hug and shouts “You climb onto his body now!” while another female guest tries to reposition the woman’s thigh over her husband.…

costume fail

9 Of The Worst And Totally Wrong Costumes Ever Worn In Film History

Braveheart – Did you know that kilts weren’t word until around the 1600s? But in Braveheart Mel Gibson is strutting around through the entire movie wearing a kilt in the 1300s! My Girl – Notice Vada’s mood ring, it’s a strange thing to have since those rings weren’t invented until three years after the movie…