10 Before And After Pictures Show What Happens When You Stop Drinking Heavily

If you spend a lot of time drinking too heavily you are running the risk of serious health problems like high blood pressure, which in turn can lead to a stroke or heart attack. Consuming alcohol in heavy doses also packs on the pounds. One pint of beer alone contains around 200 calories and it…

creepy photo of dead child

New Collection Of Disturbing Victorian Portraits Of Dead Children Propped Up To Look Alive Surfaced

We all have different ways of grieving and remembering lost loved ones, but most of us don’t consider propping up our dead children and photographing them. But back in the 19th century is was pretty normal for post-mortem photography to take place for grieving family members. Now a collection of daguerreotype – the earliest form…

Someone Transformed An Old Garage Door Into A New Kitchen Window

What happens when your trusty garage door has lived its life and it’s now tilting down to one side, its squeeks are so loud it makes you cringe, and the metal is practically non-existent anymore? Well, if you take a leaf from this person’s book you will recycle that old banging mess and put it…

flash mob

Oblivious Man Tries To Join Flash Mob Performance, Poor Guy Thinks It’s A Party

This is the hilarious moment an oblivious man interrupts a flash mob performance, he doesn’t seem to realise it’s an organised performance and joins in the ‘party’.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by user CollegeofDuPage, and they all seem nice enough to leave the guy to his fantasies.




sunken titanic

Scientists Discovered 103-Year-Old Remains Of Titanic That Will Give You Goosebumps

It’s been 103 years since the supposedly indestructible Titanic sank, and until late it mystified scientists. It’s actually been discovered recently it sank due to the type of metal they used in certain areas. The Titanic was built in 1909 and was said to be unskinble, but they didn’t realise at the time they may…

Watch Virgin Mary Statue Crying BLOOD In Creepy Clip

This is the creepy moment when a Virgin Mary statue that started to ‘cry blood’ has been caught on camera – worshippers are calling this a miracle. After church-goers at the remote venue in Manuripi-Heath Amazonian Wildlife National Reserve in Bolivia claimed the statue began weeping blood a week ago, a sample of the red liquid…